System description

This extension has a popup window, which is visible to user, and the primary way of interacting with the extension, and a background context (service worker), that manages extension background services.

When user clicks extension icon/browser action, extension opens the extension popup window. Clicking a menu link opens a new browser tab. User can pin and unpin menu items, and sort pinned menu items using drag and drop.

This behavior is implemented by following 3 components:

  1. src/popup manages the extension popup window.

    • It saves and restores user preferences
    • It sets the visible content rendering inside the popup window
    • Menu is currently the only possible view, so popup always renders the menu panel

  2. src/menu panel shows list of links.

    • User can pin/unpin links and drag and drop pinned links
    • It programmatically launches links on click
    • It initiates capturing recently used links

  3. src/background has no visual interface, it runs in the background of the browser.

    • It creates and manages extension context menu.

This application has no external runtime dependencies.