This is a privacy policy regarding software applications developed by Mobile First LLC (the "developer"). This policy is applies to Shortcuts for Chrome (the "app") that was used to link to this policy. This policy also applies to people installing and using an application (the "user").

User Accounts

Application does not require users to create login credentials nor to provide any personal information about themselves. If the app persists any data, such as user preferences, that data is stored on device only. Once app is deleted, all application data will be deleted from device also. The developer does not have access nor cannot recover any data about the user.

3rd Party Libraries

App may use third party libraries for purposes of implementing specific features needed by the app to function as intended. This privacy policy does not cover 3rd party libraries.

Currently, only 3rd party libraries used are during the development phase, and no 3rd party code is included in the distributed version of the app.

This application does not contain any ads, tracking or analytics packages.


By using the app the user accepts this policy.

Last modified: December 15, 2021.   (Changelog)