Social Media Hacker List

Growing list of apps and tools for enhancing social media experiences.

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Inclusion criteria

These are apps and projects made by unaffiliated developers. This list features alternative clients, SDKs, tools, bots and datasets to improve or build upon the default user experience across various social media platforms. Also included are solutions that repurpose social media platforms and their content in elevated ways. No dead or broken projects - all apps in this list are checked automatically weekly for OK response and will be removed following failure. Open source projects must not be archived and must show recent commit activity (<= 12 months) to be included. No sketchy extensions that must be run in dev mode.


If you would like to add a project or suggest some other correction, edit this readme and submit a PR.


πŸŸͺ Alternative client Β  Β  🟧 Analytics & Data Β  Β  ⬛ Bots Β  Β  🟦 Content creation Β  Β  🟫 For Developers Β  Β  🟩 Image Β  Β  🟨 Productivity & Tools Β  Β  πŸŸ₯ Video Β  Β  ❋ = Open source


# Β  Β  Name Platform Description
1. πŸŸͺ ❋ Facebook CLI Ruby Command line FB client
2. ⬛ ❋ Facebook Group Chat bot bot Simple chat bot for group chat
3. 🟧 ❋ Facebook IP Lists Dataset List of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses used by Facebook
4. 🟫 ❋ Facebook Last Post from Feed GH Action Post the latest entry from an atom feed to a facebook page
4. 🟫 ❋ FB Messenger Export Python Export Messenger/Facebook chat messages
5. πŸŸ₯ Β Web, Chrome Facebook video downloader
6. 🟨 ❋ F-notifier Extension Displays Facebook notifications unread count
7. πŸŸͺ ❋ Frost for Facebook Android Open source client
8. πŸŸͺ ❋ Messenger CLI JavaScript Command line client for Messenger
9. πŸŸͺ Β  Messenger for Desktop MacOS, Windows Desktop client for Messenger
10. 🟫 ❋ RestFB Java Open source FB Graph API client


# Β  Β  Name Platform Description
1. 🟨 Β  1stagram Web Discover anyone’s first Instagram post
2. 🟦   Caption Writer iOS, Android Write captions with spaces & line breaks
3. 🟧   HypeAuditor Web Analyze any Instagram account for fake followers and likes
4. 🟨 ❋ IG Downloader Chrome Extension that adds a download button for images and videos.
5. 🟫 ❋ Instagram.css Web Instagram filters in CSS
6. 🟫 ❋ InstagramApiSharp C# Private Instagram API for .NET
7. 🟫 ❋ instagrapi Python Unofficial Instagram private API for Python
8. 🟫 ❋ Instaloader Python Download pictures, video and metadata from Instagram
9. πŸŸͺ Β  Instander Android Alternative client with many improvements over the original application
10. 🟦   Kards iOS Instagram stories editor
11. 🟨   Later Web Auto Publish for Instagram
12. 🟦   Line Break Generator Web Instagram Line Break Generator
13. 🟧   Lisa iOS ML powered engagement predictor for Instagram
14. 🟫 ❋ NodeJS Instagram private API client TypeScript NodeJS Instagram private API SDK
15. πŸŸ₯ Β  Turn Web Turn your audio into videos you can share on Instagram
16. 🟦   Unfold iOS, Android Create beautiful stories for Instagram
17. 🟨   Tweet Photo Web Automagically post your Instagram photos to Twitter


# Β  Β  Name Platform Description
1. 🟫 ❋ EasyApply-Linkedin Python Automatically apply for jobs on LinkedIn
2. 🟫 ❋ ebx-linkedin-sdk Java A pure Java LinkedIn API client which implements the v2 API
3. 🟨 ❋ InDoors Extension Displays companies’ Glassdoor ratings on LinkedIn
4. 🟦   Inksprout Extension Use AI to summarize links
5. 🟨 ❋ JSON Resume Exporter Extension Export a profile page to JSON Resume
6. 🟫 ❋ Linkedin API Python Linkedin API for Python
7. 🟧   LinkedIn IP List Dataset List of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses used by LinkedIn crawlers
8. 🟫 ❋ Linkedin Profile Scraper TypeScript LinkedIn profile scraper using Puppeteer headless browser
9. 🟫 ❋ Linkedin Scraper Python Scrape Linkedin for user data
10. 🟫 ❋ Linkedin Scraper Python Linkedin Scraper using Selenium Web Driver
11. 🟨 ❋ LinkedIn to Json RΓ©sumΓ© Web An exporter from a LinkedIn profile to JSON RΓ©sumΓ©
12. 🟫 ❋ NodeJS LinkedIn Private API TypeScript Wrapper API for LinkedIn unofficial API
13. 🟨   Reply Email Finder Extension Automated email search on LinkedIn
14. 🟧   Resume Worded Web AI powered resume analysis
15. 🟫 ❋ Scrape Linkedin Python Scrape all details from public LinkedIn profiles
16. 🟫 ❋ scrapedin JavScript Scraper for LinkedIn full profile data
17. 🟧   SHIELD Web Analytics


# Β  Β  Name Platform Description
1. πŸŸͺ ❋ Fedilab Android multifunctional Android client that supports Mastodon
2. πŸŸͺ ❋ Hyperspace Web The new beautiful, fluffy client for Mastodon in React + TypeScript
3. πŸŸͺ Β  iMast iOS, iPad Mastodon client for iPhones and iPads
4. πŸŸͺ Β  Mast: for Mastodon Mac, iOS, iPad, Apple Watch Beautiful Microblogging
5. ⬛ ❋ Mastodon Bot Bot Auto-reply bot for Mastodon (Chinese)
6. 🟫 ❋ Python Python wrapper for the Mastodon API
7. 🟫 ❋ Masto.js JavaScript Mastodon API client for JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, browsers
8. πŸŸͺ Β  Mastonaut Mac A delightful Mastodon client
9. πŸŸͺ Β  Mastoot iOS Beautiful, elegant, and performant Mastodon client app
10. πŸŸͺ Β  Mercury for Mastodon iOS Customisable client for the Mastodon
11. πŸŸͺ Β  Pinafore Web Web client for Mastodon, designed for speed and simplicity
12. 🟨 ❋ PingMe MacOS, GH Action CLI to send messages to various messaging platforms incl. Mastodon
13. πŸŸͺ ❋ Sengi Windows, Mac, Linux A multi-account Mastodon desktop client
14. πŸŸͺ Β  Subway Tooter Android Mastodon client for Android 5.0 or later
15. πŸŸͺ ❋ TheDesk Windows, Mac, Linux Desktop client
16. πŸŸͺ Β  tooot iOS Open source, simple yet elegant Mastodon mobile client
17. πŸŸͺ Β  Toot iOS, iPad Social networking that is nice
18. 🟫 ❋ Toot Together GH Action Publish toots from a GitHub repository
19. πŸŸͺ ❋ Tusky Android An Android client for Mastodon
20. ⬛ ❋ Wandern Bot Bot Mastodon bot for #hiking and everything that goes with it.


Apps that can be used across multiple social media apps.

# Β  Β  Name Platform Description
1. 🟩   AI Anonymizer Web Generate a synthetic profile picture
2. 🟧   Buffer Web Automation, scheduling, and analytics
3. 🟩   Canva Web Design social media graphics
4. 🟩   Carbon Web Create images of code for sharing
5. 🟨 Web social media automation
6. πŸŸ₯ Β  Descript Web Collaborative video editor with fancy captions
8. 🟩   DynaPictures Web Auto-generate banners for social media
7. 🟦   Fastory Web Stories editor for Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram
8. 🟩   Glitterly Web Create beautiful images for social media
9. ⬛ ❋ Hadith Every Hour Python Bot posting to Twitter and Facebook using Github actions
10. ⬛ Β  HandleDroid Web Sends an alert when a desired username is released on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram
11. 🟨   Hootsuite iOS, Android, Web Manage all your social media
12. 🟨   HypeFury Web Grow & monetize your social media
13. 🟫   Juicer Web Aggregated social media feed for website
14. 🟦   Kapwing Web Create images, videos, and GIFs.
15. ⬛ Β  ManyChat Bot Automate conversations in Facebook Messenger and Instagram
16. 🟨   MeetEdgar Web Automation and scheduling
17. πŸŸ₯ Β  Motionbox Web Simple online video editing for digital creators
18. 🟩   Profile Pic Maker Web Make an awesome profile picture
19. ⬛ ❋ Quotes Indonesia Bot Autopost to facebook, twitter, telegram and instagram using github actions
20. πŸŸ₯ Β  Recast Studio Web Turn long-form video & audio content into engaging social media videos
21. 🟨 ❋ Shinigami Eyes Extension highlights transphobic and trans-friendly social network pages and users with different colors
22. 🟫 ❋ skraper Kotlin Library & CLI for scraping posts and media w/o authorization and page rendering: FB, IG, Twitter, YT, Reddit, etc.
23. 🟧 ❋ Social block lists Dataset Blocklists/domains of social networking sites
24. 🟫 ❋ Social Media Profiles Regexs Code Extract social media profiles with regular expressions
25. 🟫 ❋ SocialMediaProfiler Python Find information about a person across platforms
26. 🟦   Storybeat iOS, Android Add music to your stories
27. 🟧   Storyheap Web Analytics for Snapchat & Instagram Stories
28. 🟧   Supportivekoala Web Helps you and your team automate social media visuals, marketing images more
29. 🟫 ❋ Vanilla Sharing JavaScript Small js package for sharing content
30. πŸŸ₯ Β  Wavve Web Turn audio into animated videos for sharing
31. πŸŸ₯ Β  Zubtitle Web Automatically add captions to any video


# Β  Β  Name Platform Description
1. πŸŸͺ Β  Apollo iOS Reddit client
2. πŸŸͺ Β  Boost for Reddit Android Reddit client
3. 🟧   Bot Ranks Web Website that shows the ranks of bots on Reddit
4. 🟫 ❋ Bulk Downloader for Reddit Python Downloads and archives content from reddit.
5. πŸŸͺ ❋ Dawn for Reddit Android Open source client for Reddit
6. ⬛ Β  F5Bot Bot Get an email when selected keywords are mentioned on Reddit
7. 🟧   Front Page Stats Web Reddit front page analytics
8. πŸŸͺ Β  Gallery for reddit Android Image browsing app for image & picture related subreddits
9. πŸŸͺ Β  HopWatch for Reddit Android TV Reddit client for TVs
10. πŸŸͺ ❋ Infinity for Reddit Android Open source client
11. πŸŸͺ Β  Now for Reddit Android Beautiful, easy-to-use app for browsing Reddit
12. 🟫 ❋ PRAW Python Python Reddit API Wrapper; for building bots
13. πŸŸͺ Β  rif is fun for Reddit Android Alternative client
14. 🟫 ❋ RedditBot Ruby Run bots and scripts that use Reddit API
15. ⬛ ❋ Reddit-Karma-Bot Python Bot for farming karma
16. πŸŸ₯ Β  RedditSave Web, Extension, Bot Reddit Video Downloader
17. πŸŸͺ Β  Redditoria for Reddit Android Alternative client
18. 🟧 ❋ Reddit Search Tool Web reddit search tool using the API
19. πŸŸͺ ❋ RedReader Android An unofficial, open source client for reddit
20. πŸŸͺ Β  Relay for Reddit Android Reddit client
21. ⬛ ❋ RemindMeBot Python Set a reminder for a certain amount of time, via a comment or private message
22. 🟨   Repost Sleuth Web, Bot Reposting search and protection
23. 🟫 ❋ Shreddit Rust Reddit post/comment mass deletion.
24. πŸŸͺ ❋ Slide for Reddit Android Open source client
25. 🟫 ❋ snoots TypeScript A modern, fully-featured, strongly-typed reddit api wrapper.
26. 🟫 ❋ snoowrap JavaScript A JavaScript wrapper for the reddit API
27. 🟧   Subreddit Stats Web Statistics for every subreddit
28. 🟫 ❋ voussoir/reddit Python Collection of reddit bots


# Β  Β  Name Platform Description
1. 🟨 ❋ Download snapchat memories Desktop Download all memories from Snapchat
2. 🟫 ❋ Download snapchat memories Python Script to download all memories from Snapchat
3. 🟧   GhostCodes Web, iOS, Android Discover new people on Snapchat
4. 🟧   Ghostdex Web Searchable database of Snapchat usernames
5. 🟫 ❋ snapchat-dl Python Snapchat public story downloader
6. 🟫 ❋ Snapchat All Memories Downloader Docker Script to download snapchat memories in bulk
7. 🟫 ❋ snapmap-archiver Python Download all Snapmaps content from a specific location
8. 🟫 ❋ SnapScrap Python Downloads public Snapchat stories with Python
9. 🟨 ❋ Snap Scraper Desktop Download media uploaded to Snap Map using a set of latitude and longitude coordinates


# Β  Β  Name Platform Description
1. πŸŸ₯ Β  Lana James Web TikTok Watermark Remover & Bulk TikTok Downloader


# Β  Β  Name Platform Description
1. πŸŸͺ Β  Albatross for Twitter Android Albatross for Twitter is an ad-free, effortless Twitter client
2. ⬛ Β  AwardThisTweet Bot Award your favorite tweets with this bot
3. 🟨 ❋ Better TweetDeck Extension A browser extension to improve TweetDeck with a lot of features
4. 🟧   Blindspotter Web Analyze the news diet of any account on Twitter
5. 🟧   Bluetrends Web Real-time insights on twitter trends
6. 🟨   Block Party App filter out unwanted Twitter @mentions
7. 🟧   Blolook Web This service provides information on how many accounts are blocking your account.
8. 🟨   Bkmark Extension, bot Bookmark your favorite tweets
9. 🟨 Web A Changelog automatically generated from your Tweets
10. 🟨   Chime Social Web Tweet when your audience is listening
11. 🟩   Chirpty Web Create your own Twitter interaction circle
12. 🟦   Chirr App Web Thread creation tool
13. 🟨   Dewey Web Search, organize, and share all your Twitter bookmarks
14. 🟨 ❋ DoucheBlock for Twitter Extension Block anyone with specific keywords in their Twitter bio
15. ⬛ ❋ DownloadThisVideo Twitter bot Mention to download videos
16. πŸŸ₯ Β  Download Twitter Videos Android Download videos
17. πŸŸͺ Β  Echofon iOS, Android Twitter app for iOS and Android.
18. 🟧   ExportData Web Export Twitter Historical Data
19. 🟧   Ilo Web Twitter analytics
20. πŸŸͺ Β  Kizie Web Cleaner, better way to browse Twitter
21. 🟨   Megablock Web Block the tweet, its author, and every single person who liked it.
22. 🟩   Mugshot Bot Web Automated link previews
23. πŸŸͺ ❋ Web Replace with to browse Twitter anonymously
24. 🟨   OnlyTweets - Account monetization
25. 🟩   Pikaso Web, Extension Take screenshots of tweets
26. ⬛ Β  Pikaso Twitter Bot Bot Screenshotting bot for Twitter
27. 🟧   Politwoops Web Archive of deleted political tweets
28. 🟩 Web Capture and share tweets as images
29. 🟨   Readwise iOS, Android Save and revisit your best twitter highlights
30. 🟨 ❋ Red Block Extension (Firefox, Chrome, Edge) Block, unblock, mute, or unmute multiple users from Twitter. Supports Firefox, Chrome, and Chromium-based browsers.
31. 🟫 ❋ Scweet Python Twitter scraper using Selenium
32. 🟩   Sticker Cards iOS Create images of tweets for sharing on other platforms
33. 🟧   StockTwits Web, iOS, Android Realtime tweets about stocks, crypto, futures, and forex
34. 🟫   The.Rip Web/Bot Convert tweets to markdown
35. 🟨   Thread Reader Web/Bot Read and share Twitter threads easily
36. 🟦   ThreadStart Web Write better Twitter threads
37. πŸŸͺ Β  Tweetbot MacOS, iOS alternative client
38. 🟨   TweetDelete Web Bulk-delete tweets from your timeline
39. 🟨 ❋ Tweeterize Web Format long texts into tweet-sized messages
40. 🟨   Tweetfull Web Growth-hacking and automation tool
41. 🟩   Tweetgen Web Generate fake tweets
42. 🟫 ❋ Tweepy Python Twitter API client
43. 🟨   Tweet Photo Web Automagically post your Instagram photos to Twitter
44. πŸŸͺ ❋ Twidere iOS, Android Open source client
45. 🟨   Twiks Extension Adds special features like undo button
46. 🟫 ❋ Twit Node.js Node.js Twitter client
47. 🟩   Twitter Circle Web Create your own Twitter interaction circle (with no rate limits)
48. 🟧   Twitter IP Lists Dataset List of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses used by Twitter crawlers
49. 🟫 ❋ Twitter Lite Node.js A tiny, full-featured, flexible client / server library for the Twitter API
50. πŸŸ₯ Β  Twitter Media Downloader Extension Download images and videos
51. 🟨   Twitter One Click Block Extension  
52. 🟨   Twitter Picker Web Random Twitter retweet picker for giveaways/raffles
53. πŸŸ₯ Β  Twitter Vid Web Twitter video downloader that works with multi-video tweets
54. 🟫 ❋ twurl cURL OAuth-enabled curl for the Twitter API
55. 🟨   Typefully Web Distraction-free editor to write & publish tweets and threads
56. ⬛ ❋ Unfollow Ninja Bot Get notified when your Twitter account loses a follower
57. πŸŸ₯ Β  Twitter Video Downloader Extension Download images and videos


# Β  Β  Name Platform Description
1. 🟨 Β  Adblock for Youtubeβ„’ Extension Removes ads from Youtube
2. 🟨 ❋ AllTube Download Web Web app for downloading youtube videos
3. 🟫 ❋ Android Youtube Player Kotlin YouTube Player library for Android and Chromecast
4. 🟫 ❋ Annie Go Video downloader
5. 🟨 ❋ Audio Only Youtube Extension Disable video streams on youtube and listen to audio only.
6. 🟩 ❋ Frame by Frame Extension Move your mouse cursor over any video and use keyboard arrows to switch frames.
7. πŸŸͺ ❋ FreeTube Desktop The Private YouTube Client
8. 🟨 ❋ ImprovedTube Extension Improved youtube experience
9. 🟨   Lyrics Here Extension Instant lyrics on YouTube
10. 🟫 ❋ mps-youtube Python Terminal based YouTube player and downloader
11. πŸŸͺ ❋ NewPipe Android The lightweight YouTube experience for Android
12. 🟫 ❋ node-ytdl Node.js YouTube video downloader
13. 🟨   Picture in Picture - PiP View Extension Watch videos in a floating PiP window (always on top of other windows)
14. πŸŸͺ ❋ Piped Web Privacy-friendly YouTube frontend which is efficient by design
15. 🟨   PocketTube Extension, iOS, Android Organize subscriptions
16. 🟫 ❋ PyTube Python Command line library for downloading videos
17. πŸŸͺ ❋ SkyTube Android Open-source Youtube client
18. 🟨 ❋ SponsorBlock Extension, Android Skip sponsor segments in YouTube videos
19. 🟫 ❋ Streamlink Python CLI utility which pipes video streams from various services into a video player
20. 🟨 ❋ Subtitles For YouTube Extension Add subtitles to youtube videos.
21. πŸŸͺ ❋ Tizonia Linux Command-line streaming music client
22. 🟨   Transpose Extension Pitch shifter, speed changer and looper for online videos like YouTube.
23. 🟨   Unhook Extension Remove YouTube Recommended Videos, Comments, etc.
24. 🟨 ❋ YiNote Extension Take & share time-stamped notes while watching videos.
25. πŸŸͺ Β  YMusic Android Android Music player with offline and download capabilities
26. 🟨 ❋ You-Get Python Command-line utility to download media contents
27. 🟨   Yout Web Record any YouTube video into an Mp3 or Mp4
28. 🟨 ❋ YouTube Comment Search Extension Search comments, replies, chat replay, video transcript for the current video.
39. 🟨 ❋ youtube-dlG Desktop GUI for youtube-dl video downloader
30. 🟫 ❋ youtube-dl Python Command-line program to download videos
31. 🟫 ❋ youtubedr Go Video downloader in go
32. 🟨 ❋ YoutubeDownloader Windows Downloads videos and playlists
33. 🟫 ❋ YoutubeExplode C# query metadata of YouTube videos
34. 🟫 ❋ yt-dlp Python A youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes
35. 🟨 ❋ Ytmdl Web, Python Mp3 audio downloader