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Extension CLI


Extension CLI is a command-line build tool that facilitate rapid extension development by providing systematic way to build, test and document extension projects.

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Getting Started & Docs

Note: Using this CLI assumes you have Node.js installed. If you do not, you can install it here.

Create a new extension project:

npx extension-cli

Add CLI to an existing project:

npm install extension-cli

Quick Command Reference

Command Description
xt-build Run builds; env flags: -e prod and -e dev
xt-test Run unit tests
xt-docs Generate docs
xt-clean Remove generated files
xt-sync Update project config files to match the latest defaults supplied by this CLI

Note that for each command --help and --version flags are also valid

Read these docs for more detailed guides!

Extension CLI is made with 🍑 by Mobile First in Augusta, Georgia

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