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Configuration for Existing Applications

If you created the extension with Extension CLI, this setup is already done for you, and you may skip this step.

For an existing application, before using Extension CLI, add these configuration options to package.json:

Babel Presets

This is needed to compile projects written in ES6.

  "babel": {
    "presets": [

ESLint Ignore

Exclude test files from being linted. If your project includes compiled 3rd party libraries, you should exclude them also.

  "eslintIgnore": [

Add Scripts

Add these scripts to package.json then you can run, for example, npm run start.

  "scripts": {
      "start": "xt-build -e dev -w",
      "build": "xt-build -e prod",
      "clean": "xt-clean",
      "docs": "xt-docs",
      "test": "xt-test"