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Extension CLI Development

  • This CLI is built with Node.Js, written in JavaScript, and uses numerous packages listed below.
  • The source code is available on Github.
  • Releases are published on NPM.
  • This user guide is built with MkDocs and MkDocs material theme.
  • CI/CD by Travis CI and documentation served by Github Pages.

Project Organization

Path Description
.github Github config files and markdown
cli all available commands are defined here
config Resources and config files used by the commands in cli
guide User guide
test CLI unit tests
/* Application root; various project config files

To setup a local dev environment and develop the CLI application, see

Environment Setup →


Extension CLI is built with the following dependencies:

# Package name Purpose
1. @babel/preset-env for modern JavaScript syntax
2. @babel/register for unit testing
3. chai BDD/TDD assertion library for unit testing
4. chalk Add color to terminal output
5. cli-spinner Terminal spinner to indicated progress
6. commander handle CLI input arguments
7. del for clearing generated files
8. eslint for linting JavaScript
9. gulp for running build script
10. gulp-change JSON file content manipulations
11. gulp-clean-css Minify CSS
12. gulp-concat Concatenates files (used for CSS)
13. gulp-htmlmin Removes whitespace from HTML
14. gulp-jsonminify minify JSON files (manifest, locales)
15. gulp-load-plugins to load various gulp plugins
16. gulp-merge-json merge locales files
17. gulp-rename rename files during builds
18. gulp-sass process SASS files during builds
19. gulp-zip generate zip files
20. jsdoc generate docs
21. jsdom mock DOM in Node.js env
22. jsdom-global adds window, document to unit testing env
23. mocha unit testing framework
24. nyc unit testing code coverage tool
25. prompts create CLI prompts with interactive selectors
26. sass compile SASS files during builds
27. sinon JavaScript test spies, stubs and mocks
28. sinon-chrome unit testing for extensions
29. webpack-stream build javascript files
30. yargs parse keyword args