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Editing User Guide


If you are interested in editing the content (and not layout) of this user guide, simply edit the markdown directly in any markdown editor or on Github. There is a pencil icon linking to the markdown source on each page of these docs, which takes you directly to the source document.

Developing User Guide

When you want to edit the layout, organization and/or theme of these docs, you will need to run these project docs locally. This user guide is built with Python. You will need Python 3.x before proceeding.

  1. If you are not a maintainer, fork the repo

  2. Clone the forked repo and launch your favorite markdown editor and terminal.

  3. Setup Python development env as follows:

    • Create virtual env for Python packages:

      python3 -m venv env         
    • Activate virtual env:

      source env/bin/activate     # macOS/Linux
      env\Scripts\activate.bat    # Windows
    • Install requirements:

      pip install -r requirements.txt
    • Run and debug the docs:

      mkdocs serve
  4. Relevant files:

    • all written documents are under guide directory
    • mkdocs.yml at project root is a configuration file for Mkdocs
    • guide/assets includes static assets for these docs
    • guide/overrides includes customized template files that override default mkdocs-material templates
  5. After editing the docs, commit your changes and open a PR as necessary. Travis CI is used to compile and publish the docs automatically after each merge to master branch.