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xt-clean command removes all automatically generated files from the project directories.

Clean operation iterates over files and directories listed in the project .gitignore file, and removes all ignored files and directories, except node_modules/, .idea/, and .vscode/. .idea is a collection of configuration files used by WebStorm IDE, and .vscode is the same for Visual Studio Code. The IDE will generate them automatically if they are absent. To remove these three directories, you must explicitly pass a flag to delete each directory respectively.


Braces { } indicate that the user must choose one — and only one — of the items inside the braces.

Remove ignored files (default)


Clear ignored files, including node_modules

xt-clean {-m|--modules}

Clear ignored files, including .idea/ directory

xt-clean {-i|--idea}

Clear ignored files, including .vscode/ directory

xt-clean {-v|--vscode}

Clear absolutely all ignored files

xt-clean -v -i -m

Get help using this command

xt-clean --help

Package.json scripts

After installing extension-cli, you can run these commands from a terminal using syntax npx xt-clean.

Or you can add an option to packages.json scripts section and then execute the command as npm run clean See example below.

  "clean": "xt-clean"