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xt-sync command is intended for upgrading configuration files of a stale project to the latest versions

When a project has not been worked on recently, it may need updates of various files, such as CI configuration files.

The purpose of this command is to make that update process simple by allowing each project to choose which configuration files to update. The CLI will then supply the project with the most recent configuration files.

Note: If the configuration files have been modified heavily for an individual project, it is not advisable to upgrade them in this manner. Instead you should upgrade such configuration files manually.


Braces { } indicate that the user must choose one — and only one — of the items inside the braces.

You must pass at least one flag with this command.

Synchronize all configuration files

xt-sync {-a|--all}

Synchronize ESLint configuration file

xt-sync {-e|--eslint}

Synchronize Gitlab CI configuration file

xt-sync {-l|--gitlab}

Synchronize Travis CI configuration file

xt-sync {-t|--travis}

Synchronize .gitignore file

xt-sync {-g|--gitignore}

Get help using this command

xt-sync --help

Package.json scripts

After installing extension-cli, you can run these commands from a terminal using npx xt-sync --all.

Or you can add an option to packages.json scripts section and then execute the command as npm run sync. See example below.

  "sync": "xt-sync --all"